• Installation of Gas Turbine (GT) & Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) to reduce Fuel gas from 5.56 to 1.45 MMSCFD.
  • Through Optimizations & in-house Modifications, urea production increased from 1000~1020 M.Tons/day to 1150 ~1160 M.Tons/day with remarkable improvement in energy index.
  • Installation of Ammonia Chiller at Synthesis gas compressor (A-103J) suction line increased its through-put by eliminating its temperature constraint.
  • Installation of Ammonia Chiller & Raw Water Cooler at CO2 Compressor increased its through-put by eliminating its temperature constraint. Thus maintaining urea production in hot & humid season.
  • CO2 Compressor Online Washing to remove carryover increased its on-stream factor.
  • Implementation of I-Water Project & Installation of VFDs at Cooling Tower Fans & Other Applications resulted significant energy saving.
  • Conversion of Old discarded coal fired boiler # 1 to Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) system resulted significant energy saving.
  • Replacement of Urea Stripper Internals enhanced its capacity resulting in an increase in Urea production.
  • Reliability & Capacity enhancement of Package Boiler by increasing its capacity from 30 to 36 M.Tons/hr.
  • Natural Gas condensate collection at Consumer Metering Station (CMS) and its burning at boiler No.1 for steam generation. This resulted energy saving in addition to risk elimination of condensate handling.
  • Fabrication of 02 Stackers for Stacking of Urea Bags (local).
  • Installation of one Vibration Screen at Urea Storage Area and other at bottom of Prilling Tower (local) improved urea product quality.
  • Up gradation of Mechanical Workshop by adding Lathe Machine, Shear Cutting Machine & Pneumatic Tube Expander. This facilitated the indigenization work resulting in cost saving.
  •  Addition of condition monitoring equipment like “Alloy Analyzer, Vibration Analyzer, Ultra Sonic Flow Detector, Vibration Meter Calibrator” have significantly improved the operational reliability of the equipment.
  • Int Workshop supporting facilities/services to other companies like MLCL, WAPDA, OLYMPIA  etc.
  • Basic and Detailed engineering of internal plant modifications and coolers/exchangers, vessels and gas filter fabrication in local workshop.
  • Fabrication of control valve spares in local workshop.
  • Indigenization of mechanical spares.
  • vernally lamination  of urea bags resulting an increase its Strength and reduction in  burstage.
  • Development of Oracle-ERP E-Business system is in progress. All Oracle Financials modules have been implemented w.e.f October1,2010. Implementation on following modules is in progress and expected to Go Alive by December- 2011
    • Inventory 
    • Procurement
    • DBI – Inventory & purchasing
    • Payroll 
    • Order Management
    • DBI – Supply Chain
    • Enterprise Asset Management
    • Oracle Process Manufacturing
Last update: 05-09-2023
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