Life At AGL

The corporate culture at Agritech is based on four essential pillars:

Our Corporate culture is nurtured through setting world class performance standards and then focusing, empowering, encouraging and challenging all our employees to develop their capabilities to deliver this mind set ranscends all levels of the organization.
This forms the core of the underlying HR policies at Agritech which  are  designed  to  deliver  outstanding  business performance by supporting and developing the Company's most important asset, its people.

Our culture empowers people to contribute to our business objectives and to simultaneously achieve their own personal and career goals. Every day our employees are challenged and motivated to seek the state of the art knowledge and skills required to stay ahead in today's changing business environment.
Teams and individuals are constantly encouraged to develop their professional capabilities, to question the status quo with courage of conviction, and reinvent themselves and their systems of work to confront the dynamics of a fast  changing world.
Bureaucracy is constantly pruned to enable people to work with each other without being encumbered and to keep the focus on outcomes and delivery rather than just effort. We  have  a  strong  commitment  to  meritocracy,  and complying with our human resource polices, the Company does not employ any child labor and is an equal opportunity employer.


Last update: 05-09-2023
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