Aims & Objectives


The Foundation is a non-commercial and non-political organization committed to undertake rehabilitation of Health and Education and to serve all irrespective of the gender, caste, creed, race or religion as detailed below:
  1. To establish educational institutions for the children of those under privileged and less fortunate families who are desirous to impart good education to their children but they are handicapped due to lack off resources.
  2. To teach, inform people about health care, education and provision of medical facilities by settling up hospitals.
  3. To create awareness for the welfare and education of women in order to uphold their status in Society and also take steps to maintain their fundamental rights.
  4. To impart technical education to the women about handicraft, sewing, stitching and embroidery so that the poor women maybe able to earn honest living.
  5. To create awareness among the youth through publications and electronic media to avoid use of drugs
  6. To provide, set up and manage schools and colleges to enhance literacy rate. To set up library for the students and general public.
  7. To give stipends, grants and aids to deserving students to prepare them for higher education.
  8. To set up computer study/information technology centers and also create awareness about the advantages of modern education.
  9. To set up dispensaries for free medical treatment to the general public and also to provide blood bank and ambulance service.
  10. To fight against immodesty, unethical practices and immoral activities according to the Islamic code of life.
  11. To do all such acts and deeds which are necessary for the welfare of the women, children and youth.
Last update: 20-03-2018
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