Despite the fact that the literacy rate of the province of Punjab is higher than the rest of the country, the district of Mianwali, due to its proximity to the gradually non progressive areas is continuously retrograding percentage wise in the education sector specially the female gender. It is feared that with this trend it might just become another hub of Madrassa culture. The graph shows that the attendance rate of the new entrants in the primary schools is deteriorating gradually and the drop outs are on the increase. 

Agritech Limited therefore has contributed its share of responsibility in the form of five schools being run by the organization for the locals of the area. However it is important to mention that Agritech Limited has not only addressed the need for modern education but has also kept in mind the requirement of education for the female gender by introducing a modern girls school in the area. 

Another important contribution of education in the social setup is creation of employment opportunities. Those who have there hearth hot, do not tend to be misguided by demagogues of evil forces. The only sustainable method thus possible is educating en-masse to vanquish the concept of Talibanism. It therefore is of utmost importance and incumbent on the plenipotentiaries of international donors to intervene and help the locals of the area to forestall the Talibanization by providing them education of equal standards and made available for all.

Future vision in Education Sector 
Conversion to Cambridge System of Education:

Agritech Limited desires to raise the level of education from local system to Cambridge system of education so as to align the students with the international systems. This will eventually give the locals a chance to compete with any of the modern schools per se.

Capacity Building of the Faculty:

For the Cambridge system in particular and for the present system too, the teachers and other members of the faculty of the schools require training for better standards. A comprehensive training plan thus is required to achieve the set goal.

Renovation and Improvement in the Infrastructure:

The schools buildings are getting derelict due to the horizontal growth of the facilities. Agritech Limited thus could not spare resources in improvement of the school buildings. The schools now need a revamping and renovation in addition to updating the equipment and study aids.

Upgradation to College Level:

Agritech Limited feels that now is the time to grow the education system vertically as well. The intermediate step before the professional education is collage level of education. Agritech Limited desires to achieve the said and than in future move to professional education too.

More Projects of Similar Nature:

Agritech Limited does not desire to stop the horizontal growth of the education projects. It is not the plant surroundings which is the target but in fact Agritech Limited desires to include the complete district in this amelioration of standards and culture. It is social responsibility of the organization to develop a sustainable system for best future for locals of the area.


The numbers of special persons present in the society in general and in Mianwali in particular are much more than the expected or assumed figure. As per a survey of World Bank the ratio of disable element of various categories in Pakistan is more than 19% which means that in every average house hold of 5 persons, there is a disable individual. This expounds how great is the need to address this element at priority. A huge portion of work force is not able to participate duly and to its full potential in nation building.

Agritech Limited is cognizant of this factor and has recently added in its list of social responsibilities to address this by establishing a school for special children where this neglected portion of the available potential can be made useful. It must also be kept in mind that a special child, who can not contribute share equal to his weight, is a burden on the complete house hold. The earning hand needs to earn for two more mouths to feed, the special person and the one dedicated to care for him. The need to enhance the income hence can lead to social problems. It is therefore in the interest of social stability, and better culture as a corollary, to build enough the capacity of special persons so as to be able to carry their own weight.


Last update: 20-03-2018
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