Health Sector

Health care is a basic human right and should be granted in actual to all the citizens of Pakistan. This however remains a dream for the rural population of District Mianwali. The mortality rate of infants in the district is 7.8 % reported. This means that out of the 29% of institutional deliveries, 79 newborns die out of every 1000. The mortality rate of the rest of 71% is much higher than this but they can not either afford the expenditures of institutional deliveries or they are not educated enough to take advantage of the said. Distance to the facility also hampers the use of institutions in addition to the scarcity. The mortality rate for children up to 5 years is 11.3% out of the recorded 81% births. The mere mortality percentage can tell the dire and urgent need of intervention in this sector.

The most important intervention required is in the care and education of female gender. The obvious reason is that the intervention in this sector will not only improve the adult health but will also indirectly lessen the infant and child mortality in addition to the mitigation of malnourishment of children due to lack of knowledge by the mother of the child. The areas requiring intervention can be divided into two, the direct and indirect.

By direct intervention the health of the female gender in particular and the complete populace in general is referred. The further distribution of this can be in various subsectors like the construction and management of new facilities, provision of medicines and drugs, provision of instruments and support equipment etc. The indirect intervention can be the education of general public specially mothers so as to handle the infants and children who are in the most vulnerable age group.

Agritech Limited recognized this issue and contributed by adding two hospitals in the area. With in the limited resources of the company, Agritech Limited is endeavoring to manage the health facilities but also is trying to contribute in educating the surrounding area for better care in available resources. The agencies working for philanthropist objectives with ulterior motives of making the environments suitable in totality must bear in mind that a healthy body bears a healthy mind and conversion of sick minds into healthy minds or stopping the mushroom growth of sick minds is indeed need of the time.


Future vision in Health Sector



Awareness Program for the Community

Agritech Limited desires to run a program for the community in which the general community shall be given awareness of common diseases and the preventive measures. The community shall also be given awareness on healthy life with minimum expenses. This program shall aim to reduce the curative measures by 15% to 20% with the help of prevention.



Ideal Health Services

Agritech Limited desires to raise the overall standards of health facilities by providing an exemplary health care center. This facility will not be a profit generating facility but its performance shall be measured in the form of improvement in statistics of the area.


Last update: 20-03-2018
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