Water & Sanitation

Water sources both for drinking and for irrigation are quintessential for the inhabitants of the district. The nature of the water supply of course is different but the importance is established. One for the life and the other for the living, the area being heavily dependent on the arable acreage. The underground water table in the area requires huge efforts to drill out the sweet water for drinking purpose. The available water sources are difficult to utilize because of the distance involved and due to the culture of the area. The intervention could have been collaborated with the efforts in health sector since the provision of drinkable water is closely related to the health of the people as well. However keeping in view the technical support required for the said, it shall be taken as a separate intervention.

Diarrhea is one very common disease accepted in the society as something inevitable. The reason for this diarrhea is non availability of clean drinkable water. The water sources available are polluted and not sufficient to fulfill the need. It is therefore imperative to intervene so as to not only make this basic human need available but also to ensure it is consumable and sufficient.

Agritech Limited is providing water for both irrigation and drinking to a few areas with in its surrounding location due to limitation of resources. Agritech Limited however plans to gradually increase this intervention in other areas of the district. Sanitation however needs more attention as this is one contributing factor to the pollution of available water resource.


Last update: 20-03-2018
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