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Single superphosphate is currently one of the most widely used fertilizers as an alternative source for phosphorus and sulfur throughout the world. In Pakistan, The SSP is considered as the cheapest source of Phosphate content. Being Acidic in nature it is supposed to be the best phosphate Fertilizer for Pakistan’s alkaline soils.

The HPFL manufacturing unit of superphosphate is located in HARIPUR .It is designed to produce 300 metric tons per day of granular single superphosphate.

Phosphate rock having plus 30% P2O5 content is suitable for SSP production. HPFL utilizes local rock at its plant.
Technical grade sulphuric acid of 98.5% is manufactured and consumed in SSP production.
 It is manufactured from the reaction between sulfuric acid and phosphate rock. The tricalcium phosphate Ca3 (PO4)2 which is the major component of the natural phosphate rock is insoluble.The purpose of the superphosphate manufacture is to convert this tricalcium phosphate to a soluble and plant available form of the phosphate.
The manufacture is essentially a chemical process in which the phosphate rock is acidulated. The sulphuric acid is used to get single superphosphate (SSP).The chemical process may be summarized by the following reaction. 
Ca3 (PO4)2-CaF2 + 7H2SO4  → 7CaSO4 + 3Ca(H2PO4) 2 + 2HF
Consequently the final product is a mixture of monocalcium phosphate and calcium sulphate.In practice the above theoretical reaction for SSP manufacture is not completely achieved because of secondary reactions and the effect of impurities which depends on the qualities of the phosphate rock utilized. In particular some dicalcium phosphate is present in the product. 
GSSP contains phosphorous as major plant nutrient. Available P2O5 is more than 18%.It also contains gypsum which works as soil conditioner ,in addition it contains micro nutrients like magnesium,iron,aluminium ,sulphur & calcium. GSSP dissolves slowly in water present in the soil so it is available to the crops for longer time.


Last update: 05-09-2023
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